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Custom Affiliate Videos
We have created videos specifically designed for each sport to help you drag in BIG sales for Sports Cash System. Simply upload these videos or customize them using any video editor and upload them to high traffic video sites to get tons of FREE targeted traffic! A GREAT tool to edit and customize videos is Camtasia. You can check it out at

You do not have to customize these videos, you can upload them as they are now to any video site you wish, just make sure you put your hoplink in the video description. Why? Because at the end of EACH video we instruct the viewer to click the link BELOW in the video description. This is to make sure that YOU get credit for the sale!

Make sure you include your hoplink for Sports Cash System in the description area of every video that you upload.
Enter your Clickbank ID to get the link for our alternative landing page:
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Sports Cash System Affiliate URL :
* Change XXX with your Clickbank ID
After downloading the promotional videos, we recommend you upload them to high traffic video sharing sites with your hoplink in the video description box!
* A great tool for uploading to multiple video sites at one time is called
You can upload the video, insert your login and password for each video site they allow you to upload to, and click one button and the video is uploaded to multiple video sharing sites at one time!
Want a good idea for a video text description: (very important for when you upload the video!)
Looking for video sites besides YouTube to upload your affiliate videos to?
Check out our list of top sites to upload your Sports Cash System affiliate videos to: * BEST Site to Upload Videos